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*IMPORTANT*  Please do not under pay or over pay.  Pay the exact amount owed per each category/benefit.  If you have questions about what is due for the pay period you are paying, please call Talent (863.687.1310) for the amounts to be emailed to you.  

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While on LOA (Leave of Absence), it is your responsibility to keep Medical benefits current. If payments are not keep current, you risk losing coverage. To process a payment, reference your pay stub to see the exact amount that is due. Payment amounts must be made exactly as indicated on your paystub, no partial payments. If you have ETO, calculate accordingly. If you have questions about you ETO and how much to pay.  Please reach out to Talent for the amount due.

For questions or additional information please contact

TalentServices@mylrh.org or call 863-687-1310